About Us

Career First Institute was established in 2011 to meet the growing demand for qualified professionals in in the BPO, offshoring industry.

We are licensed by the Department of Labor and Employment as a Private Recruitment and Placement Agency (PRPA).

We embody a forward-thinking disposition that reflects the dynamism, excitement, passion of today’s modern professionals and businesses. We are an architect of opportunities that connect the potentials of individuals to the ambitions of global businesses.

Our vision is to lead in the delivery of high-value workforce solutions to our partners by helping them navigate their human capital strategies and represent professionals with differentiated skills that will enable them to win in a changing world of work.

We are the industry’s game changer. We are visionary strategists who creatively innovate the way our partners’ plans are carried out, thought about, or made.

Our expertise:

Talent Acquisition and Retention
• Workforce Assessment
• Recruitment/Sourcing and Marketing
• Reference Check/Background investigation
• Talent-based Process Outsourcing

Learning and Performance
• Career Management
• Training
• Employee Engagement
• Customer Management Skills for BPO Professionals
• Management Consulting