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Career First Institute is a licensed domestic recruiter by the Department of Labor and Employment. We embody a forward-thinking disposition that reflects the dynamism, excitement, passion of today’s modern professionals and businesses. We are an architect of opportunities that connect the potentials of individuals to the ambitions of global businesses.

Our vision is to lead in the delivery of high-value workforce solutions to our partners by helping them navigate their human capital strategies and represent professionals with differentiated skills that will enable them to win in a changing world of work.

We specialize in placing individuals in managerial & specialist positions in BPO companies across Cebu and the Visayas and Mindanao region. We have enviable track record of success in placing candidates across many BPO companies and substantial private companies.

Recruiting across many different sectors from financial services to retail we have successfully managed many projects, both volume and individual, supporting our clients in a variety of appointments from top level executives  to a customer service representative.

As true industry specialists we cover an extremely diverse range of roles and careers to include:


Frontline Operations and Management Positions:
• Customer Service
• Sales
• Collections
• Retentions
• Complaints
• Technical Helpdesk
• Service Desk


Operations Support Positions:
• Resource Planning – Forecasting, Real-time & MI
• Training, Coaching & Performance Management
• Project Managers & Business Analysts
• Process Improvement & Quality
• Strategy / Change Management
• Account & Business Development Managers

We specialize in supporting candidates find the career opportunity that is right for them & our priority is building effective partnerships with clients and candidates alike to achieve outstanding results.


Executive Search
Career First Institute offers sourcing for executives and key business positions across industries. With the growing demand for professional resources, Career First ensures that the clients’ requirements are our priority. We understand that each company has its unique business needs, cost considerations, and corporate culture while cost-effective and time-sensitive solutions are delivered without compromise.


Off Site Recruitment Events
Career First Institute will facilitate the logistic requirements of an off-site recruitment event on behalf of our client may it be done within Cebu or nearby cities. With the client’s requirements in mind, our team will stage the event that is centered in the following activities:


Marketing and Promotion
• Flyer distribution
• Multimedia advertising


Remote Candidate Assessment
• Communication Skills
• Job Readiness and Behavioral Assessment


Real-Time Endorsement to Clients
• Using a state-of-the-art video conferencing technology, we can hook our candidates to our client’s recruitment team so they can conduct additional screening and interviews that will facilitate a faster turnaround time.

Job Fairs- Our team is experienced in hosting exclusive job fair in Cebu or other provinces in the Visayas. Please ask for our caravan schedule for 2013. Mall Exhibit/Recruitment Events. Career First Institute can stage mall exhibits to strengthen the company’s branding and bring recruitment activities closer to jobseekers.


Background Check Service
Whether you are looking for a background check on a prospective employee or a contract worker, we can help.

We offer customizable screening solutions that can meet your employment screening needs:


Pre-employment background checks
• Background research on candidates for academic institutions, including professional schools
• Background screening for executive hires or other high-profile employees
• On-going screening of current employees
• Background checks on the personnel of your suppliers/vendors who work on your premises

Employment background screening is a simple, yet effective measure organizations can take to help mitigate these risks in their workplace.



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