Team Building Program


Change the way you think about how team building activities are done!


Move your traditional training environment to the outdoors! Bring your team and we’ll give you a fun-filled training event that will lift everyone’s energy up and inspire them to give off their best at work!


Career First Institute’s Team Adventure provides an outdoor learning environment to create team experiences that will bring your team together, stimulating team identity, spirit and belonging.


Our Team Adventure Program is focused to deliver these goals:

  • enhance communication dynamics
  • build stronger working relationships among team members
  • improve team productivity through motivation
  • identifying and utilizing the strengths of team members
  • inculcate effective collaboration with other team members
  • getting everyone onto the “same page” and setting team goals
  • making the team workplace more enjoyable


While team building for organizations is primarily aimed for enhancing team performance, we make it fun too. We prepare adventure-filled and themed activities to translate the energy of our team into a meaningful endeavor.


Activities can include:

  • Team dynamics activities
  • Initiative Games
  • Metaphor Activities
  • Camping or “Survivor” type activities
  • Map Reading/”Amazing Race” challenges
  • Water activities

You are free to select your own training location or we can suggest scenic and training-conducive locations to different locations in Cebu, Bohol, or any location you prefer.

For more information about our Corporate Learning Solutions for your team or organization, call + or email us and a representative with Career First Institute will contact you.


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